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Friendly DH Naissance Hotel is located in the most lively local center of Seoul, 100 meters from Sungshin Women's University Station on subway Line 4. It is recommended for foreigners who want to experience Seoul's real local food, shopping, and night life that are cheaper than Myeong-dong. 

It is also close to Dongdaemun and Myeong-dong, which are preferred by tourists, so you can move very conveniently by subway. If you take 6011 bus from Incheon Airport, you will arrive at the Sungshin Women's University Station and it is just 50 meters from the hotel. You should take the subway from Gimpo Airport.

Our hotel provide the friendliest hospitality in Seoul and the comforts of home. It was selected as the best value hotel in Korea in 2020 by the world's most authoritative travel magazine, it competed with 5-star hotels and ranked 4th in the best service category. 

Also, it was selected by the British national team for the 2018 Olympics as a camp and featured on national television, and was featured in Spain's largest media outlet in 2019. Even though it is a small local hotel, the BTS and global celebrities have chosen this hotel. Small but shining hotel 'Friendly DH Naissance Hotel' 

If you want a trip to Korea that will remain in your life's memories, we recommend this hotel.





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서울시 성북구 동소문로 20나길 39 DH네상스호텔

지하철 이용 시

4호선 성신여대입구역에서 하차  > 성신여대입구역 1번 출구에서 직진후 올리브영에서 우회전 직진후 GS25에서 우회전

버스 이용 시 

공항버스 6011
하차후 올리브영을 지나 GS25에서 우회전

주소 서울시 성북구 동소문로 20나길 39 DH네상스호텔
사업자등록번호 478-87-00903
개인정보관리책임자 김민성

대표 김민성
E-mail mindrum03@gmail.com

TEL 02-921-2080
FAX 02-953-5959

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